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On this page I have some of the photos of the pups and dogs I have trained in the past 17 years!

This is Goober who died on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 9:22am in my arms. He was almost 12 years old. I miss him dearly! Please go to Goober's Rainbows Bridge Resident pageand visit his resident page to learn more about him. Please leave a love message in his guestbook.
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Wednesday April 22,2009 started off bad and just got worse. Around 3am my dog, Goober started to cry to go outside. I did not think anything strange about this. He was 11.5 years old and had to go more often. I let him out and noticed that he was walking stiffly and limping just a bit on his right hind leg. I felt it and he had no pain. I thought maybe he had hurt himself somehow. I put him back into his crate for the rest of the night. He sometimes had accidents if he did not sleep in the crate. Around 7am I heard him scratching on the side of the crate and crying. I got up and opened the door to discover that Goober could sit up but could not walk. I carried him outside with my 4 other dogs. I had to squeeze his bladder so he could go. It was then that I knew this was bad and that he might not get better. I put him back into his crate and took the obedience training dogs outside. By then it was 8am and the vet was open. I put a blanket and some towels on the backseat of my truck. When I went to get him, he had started to throw up. I carried him outside and laid him on the seat. He started to heave so I put him down on the grass. He could not sit up, so I held him while he threw up. I knew I was going to lose him when I got to the vet. I put him into my truck and started for the vet. On the way I called them to let them know I was coming. When I got there Goober had thrown up in the truck. I did not care that he had it on him. I picked my baby up and carried him in. We had to wait for 30 minutes for the vet to get there. This was the shortest 30 minutes of my life. I held Goober and just kept stroking him. When they called my back, I laid him on the table. After the tech took his temp and asked what was wrong, she walked away. I stroked his head and said to him, "Goober our time together is ticking down very quickly and I love you". When the vet came in and I told him what was going on, he looked at Goober and listened to his chest. He then had me put him on the floor so he could see if Goob could walk. He could not and tried to drag himself to me while he was whining. As soon as I touched him, he stopped whining and laid his head on my shoulder. The vet told me the bad news that there was nothing to be done for him. It seems he had a stroke in his spine. The vet pinched Goober's toes and stuck a needle in his leg, Goober could not feel it. The vet told me about some chinese herbs that might help. I asked him how often they worked and he said "almost never". Meanwhile they suffer. I could not let my boy suffer. So I said that we would do what was best for Goober and let him go to sleep. They left me alone with him for a few minutes so I could say good-bye. I stroked him and told him what was going to happen. I knew he did not understand me but it helped me. By then he was shaking and going downhill fast. Whatever happened to him was taking him from me. Even if I had not carried him to the vet he would have died. When the vet came back in, I held Goobers head. The vet slid the needle into his right front leg and started to depress it slowly. As my tears fell on his head I felt him relax. I told him I loved him and that I would see him in a minute. I looked into his eyes and saw them dim. He died very peacefully. There was no shudder or last whimper. While I was sad I knew I had done the right thing. I then brought him home and laid him to rest beside all my other dogs who went before him. I said the 23rd Psalm over his grave. I could not stop crying. I have lost many dogs before him, but somehow with Goober this is harder to take. This is day number 3 without him and I still find myself crying most of the time. I find that I am walking more slowly now without him beside me. The last two nights I did not sleep good. I walked over to his grave 3 or 4 times on Thursday and talked to him. I know it is just his body there but it made me feel better. This was a dog that went to work with me for 3 years, 60 hours a week, and even slept on the bed beside me. He would sit in a chair beside me and we would often fall asleep with my head resting on his. He would have turned 12 on My 8, 2009. I have to believe that we will see our little furbabies again. If not, I want to go where they go when they die.

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This is King. He was a white German Shepherd. I lost him on November 12, 2003. I got him when he was 3 weeks old and bottle fed him. It is amazing how fast twelve years can go by. When he died I told him I would see him in a minute. A minute for him but a lifetime for me.

I have a dog named Ugly.
This Is Roxie. An Australian Cattle Dog that I trained in the summer of 2006. This pup was very smart and very pretty.

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